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The current healthcare environment is making it harder for independent physicians to survive by themselves. When you have to worry about the ins and outs of running an office, making your patients the No. 1 priority can seem like a daunting task. In today’s world, aligning yourself with fellow doctors in the same position is key.
Align yourself with a company that has a proven track record.
Protect your future.
Earn more money year over year, not less.
Become more efficient through MSO services.

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To be the leading innovator in the delivery of healthcare by giving patients access to high-quality, efficient medicine through our integrated network of providers, ancillary centers and partners.


VitalMD is your support system. Teaming up with us alleviates many of the challenges of running a practice, making it easier to prioritize patient care. We bring the best of both worlds together, so you can focus on what truly matters.
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  • Compliance
  • Data Services
  • Employee Services
  • Group Purchasing
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Managed Care Support
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Quality Assurance


Accounting services include opening new business checking accounts, monthly bank reconciliations, year-end accounting reviews and QuickBooks training.

compliance-koThe Compliance Department guides VitalMD physicians in their efforts to remain compliant with the laws and regulations of our ever-changing healthcare system. The goal of our Compliance Department is to prevent misconduct and abuse of regulatory guidelines, while promoting ethics, honesty and efficiency.

By administering in-depth educational programs, conducting HIPAA Security Risk Assessments, and producing and analyzing practice-specific reports, the Compliance Department will ensure that your practice adheres to the standards mandated by law.

data-services-koThe Data Services Department offers comprehensive data and metrics to help identify the best and worst areas of each VitalMD physician’s performance.

Services include data conversions, financial projections, physician scorecards and data support for practice-specific projects.

employee-services-koAs a member of VitalMD, physicians have access to our team of experts who provide guidance and tools to recruit, hire and train office employees. The Employee Services Department processes staff payroll and benefits in order for your staff to focus on providing the quality healthcare the patients deserve.

Policy creation and management, new-hire background checks, vendor interaction and tax documentation are just a few of the services offered.

employee-services-koWith VitalMD, your practice has access to a multitude of outside vendors with the necessary products and services needed to run your office efficiently. The Group Purchasing Department has established long-term relationships with these vendors to offer you cost-effective business solutions that meet the needs of your office. This in turn helps practices optimize their resources and enhance patient care.

information-technology-koVitalMD member physicians benefit from ongoing maintenance and technical service support, including hardware and software upgrades, coordination of system-related equipment repairs and a help desk available during normal business hours. Our Information Technology Department serves as the secure gatekeeper to critical information your staff needs to run an efficient practice.

Other IT services include network architecture, remote monitoring and electronic health records (EHR) implementation.

legal-koOur legal team advises physician practices on professional services contracts, confidential disclosure requirements, and affiliation agreements with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and universities. We provide insight and recommendations regarding compliance with Stark, the Anti-Kickback Statute and associated safe harbors, the False Claims Act, state fraud and abuse laws, warranties, the Civil Monetary Penalties Law, HITECH, HIPAA, policies affecting referral and financial relationships between healthcare providers, medical malpractice, and other state and federal privacy laws.

We also advise our physician clients on partnership and vendor opportunities, intellectual property laws, labor and employment laws, real estate leasing, equipment leasing/financing, and general corporate management issues.

managed-care-support-koAs the healthcare industry rapidly changes and government agencies implement new processes, VitalMD remains on top of its evolution by providing expert managed care services to providers statewide. The Managed Care Department oversees important tasks, formerly completed by the practice, which will allow physicians to concentrate on providing quality healthcare services to their patients.

marketing-koThe importance of patient engagement continues to grow and is necessary to stand out from your peers with tools that will put you at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

The Marketing Department will work with you to build your practice through various online and offline initiatives. Social media, videos, blogs and referral services are just a few of the ways we can support your practice to help boost patient acquisition and engagement.

In addition, physicians gain access to a suite of cutting-edge products and services that enhance the patients’ experiences every step of the way, including automated appointment reminders, customer service training, electronic patient registration and online reputation management.


The Operations Team utilizes their revenue cycle management expertise to analyze billing codes, rejections, denials and reimbursement policies in order to guard member physicians against costly errors and underpayments. In addition, we provide continued support and training for all practice administrators and staff and have implemented the most sophisticated practice management systems and processes for optimal practice efficiency.

quality-assurance-koThe Quality Assurance Department offers VitalMD physician members a team of certified auditors that will dive in and evaluate each area of the practice to ensure all guidelines are being met. The team benchmarks physicians’ use of evaluation and management (E&M) codes against the rest of the group practices in that specialty, as well as against Medicare’s benchmark to provide accurate recommendations.



“I have learned a lot from VitalMD, and my staff has even more. VitalMD took an interest in my office and financial crisis, and they dedicated time and effort to pull me out of the hole. Joining VitalMD saved my practice from going bankrupt after 22 years. This is no small thing, and I will be eternally grateful to this organization and to all who make this organization great. I will continue to work toward financial health and with VitalMD’s guidance, I know this time I will be successful.”
Adriana Castro, MD
Miami, Florida
“As a member of VitalMD, I feel empowered knowing I still have complete control over my clinical patient care decisions, but trust in their knowledge and experience to help me achieve my operational and financial goals.”
Glenn L. Salkind, MD
Miami, Florida
“VitalMD takes away the headaches of an office practice and returns the financial rewards of practicing quality medicine.”
Samuel Kaufman, MD
Boca Raton, Florida
“What I love most about VitalMD is that it provides access to superior managed care contracts and a wealth of administrative knowledge. VitalMD provides the peace and reassurance of not having to worry about my future. I have never felt so accomplished.”
Alison Clarke-DeSouza, MD
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Coral Springs, Florida
“Joining VitalMD has been the best decision of my professional life. Their operations, information technology, human resources and performance improvement support has allowed me to take better care of my patients with minimal administrative worry.”
Javier Vizoso, MD
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Miami, Florida


To help your practice succeed, VitalMD partners with many local and national vendors who offer economical business resources that ultimately benefit both you and your patients.
In addition to our vendor partnerships, VitalMD is proud to have a long-standing partnership with Femwell Group Health, Inc., a Management Services Organization (MSO) that specializes in providing cost-effective solutions for the business aspects of healthcare.
By helping members achieve their financial, operational and clinical goals, Femwell allows the VitalMD-affiliated physicians to focus more on patient relationships. With VitalMD, the best of both worlds is within reach.

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August 2 – 4, 2019
Orlando, FL

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August 30 – September 1, 2019
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Are you prepared for the future of healthcare? Has running a successful practice stretched you too thin?
We understand your situation. Now is the time to think about your future. At VitalMD, we provide a strong support system that brings the best of both worlds together: solo practice autonomy with the resources of a group practice.